Dan and Kallie

Dan and Kallie

Thursday, December 8, 2011

WeDdInG dAy!!!! October 14th, 2011

Our wedding day was the best! Of course there were many things that frustrated me, but I got to get married to Dan in the temple!! What is more important than that?!

We got married at 12:40 but I was up at 7. Dan's sister, Anna, did my hair and makeup and around 10:00 Dan picked me up and we were off to get married! My parents followed behind shortly behind us and we met them in the lobby. My sweet, amazing, helpful mother brought my dress and everything I would need! My sisters got the flowers too which was so helpful!

We got into the temple and we had to do all the legal stuff. Our dads had to sign the marriage license before we could get married, so my dad had to wait til it was his turn. We waited and waited for Dan's dad but he was running late. I was stressing thinking, " we can't get married without Joe there!" we tried calling Dan's mom too and they were running about 20 mins late too. I was really panicking!! We couldn't get married without his family but the schedule was packed and we were the next couple! My mom and I brainstormed what to do....besides freak out! We decided to be patient and have faith that they would be on time! I mean after all, we were in the temple, god was watching over us! He was going to help! Haha! Is that sacrilegious??

We got changed into our temple clothes and went in to the celestial room. I was overly emotional and couldn't stop crying. Dan looked at me and said, "we are doing this for our future family!" Then I lost it again! I was so grateful to be there with Dan and to think about the choice we were making to be sealed for eternity!

Then we got married! Dans mom was running late and BARELY made the sealing! We sat down immediately after she walked in. I was sad when I found out (after the wedding) that the temple workers said we had to go on with the wedding with or without Dan's mom. I would have been heart broken if she wasn't there. I'm glad she made it.

Then we got back in our wedding clothes and walked out! All our family was there and it was overwhelming! I kissed Dan and kissed Dan and then we were off to pictures! We took all our wedding pictures a few days before so it was only about a 30 minute picture session!

My family went to decorate the reception center and Dan and I went to lunch at Chilis. It was so fun! We had to be at the reception center at 5 for pictures, so we ate and made our way down there. When we got on the freeway, IT WAS STOPPED!!!!!! Again, started freaking out! I HATE being late, especially to my reception!

Luckily we were only about 20 mins late. However, when we got there an got dressed again, Dan's family was nowhere in sight. I got a text message saying they weren't coming to pictures and that his brother wasn't coming to the reception at all due to a hard day. I was devastated and highly confused why they weren't coming.

Fortunately they showed up about 10 mins before the reception started and we snapped a few pics.

Me, Dan, and my family partied the night away and had a great time. We had a "Sparkling exit" and we were off to our hotel and honeymoon!

It was a great day! Thank you to my mom, sisters, and besties for all their hard work! You guys did it all and made it so enjoyable for me!! Love you ladies!

Enjoy this overload of pics. (these are from the professional photographer Ethan Watts!)